About Us - Riverland West Chamber of Commerce (RWCC)

Riverland West Chamber of Commerce

The Riverland West Chamber of Commerce (RWCC) has been created to actively promote and support business development in our beautiful region.

The Chamber is a membership-based, not-for-profit organisation that draws confidence from the involvement of its members to enable business retention and growth in the Riverland West region.

The RWCC covers the area from Blanchetown, Morgan, Cadell to Waikerie.

Mission Statement

The RWCC seeks to redefine and improve business performance and services for the future sustainability of its members and business community.

Key Goals & Objectives


Membership, Communication & Advocacy, Events & Promotion, Partnerships, Business Support


  • Promote retail, tourism and commercial interests in the Riverland West Region
  • Market the Riverland West Region as a destination for business and tourism
  • Promote growth and economic prosperity
  • Increase visitation to the Riverland West Region by working together to grow together
  • Serve as a central hub to collate and share information with our Members
  • Support businesses in the Riverland West Region through training and networking events and opportunities
  • Form mutually beneficial relationships with Loxton Waikerie District Council and Mid Murray District Council

The Committee - Executive

Sonia Fowler, Chair


River News

Sub-Committees: Waikerie Show ‘n’ Shine, 

Events, Budget

Phone: 0438 185 385 


Kevin Myers, Vice Chair


 Mid Murray Council 

Sub-Committees:  Budget  

Phone:  0428 518 994 


Sandra Schober, Secretary

Sandra Schober, RiverGum Cruises, Waikerie, Riverland, South Australia

RiverGum Cruises

Sub-Committees:  Digital Presence, 

Waikerie Show 'n' Shine, Membership 

Phone:  0477 333 896 


Jill Kerr, Treasurer

Jill Kerr, Treasurer, Riverland West Chamber of Commerce

McKay’s Auto Centre 

Woody's Variety Store 

Sub-Committees: Membership, Budget

Phone:  0418 830 192 


The Committee - General

Kym Webber

Kym Webber, Waikerie Crash, Waikerie, Riverland, South Australia

Waikerie Crash  

Sub-Committees:  Events, Budget  

Phone:  0419 609 271 


Di Hausler

Di Hausler, Port of Morgan Heritage & Tourism Centre

Port of Morgan Heritage & Tourism Centre

Sub-Committees: Advertising, Membership

Phone: 0447 495 138


Paul McCormick



Sub-Committees: Advertising, Events

Phone:  0407 295 495 paulmccormick_707@hotmail.com

Paul Croft


Waikerie Community Senior Citizens Home Inc (WCSCHI) and Waikerie RSL Sub-Branch 

Sub-Committees: Show N Shine

Phone:  0418 277 710 


Linda McKay

Linda McKay, McKay's Auto Centre, Waikerie, Riverland, South Australia

McKay’s Auto Centre 

Sub-Committees:  Advertising, Membership  

Phone:  0428 839 979 


Jenni Searle

Jenni Searle, Waikerie Markets, Waikerie, Riverland, South Australia

Waikerie Markets

Sub-Committees: Waikerie Market Coordinator

Phone:  0455 483 669 


Stephen Kleemann

Stephen Kleemann, SA Kleemann Funerals, Waikerie, Riverland, South Australia

SA Kleemann Funerals

Sub-Committees:  Events

Phone: (08)  8541 2743 

Angela Lukacs

Angela Lukacs, Cadell Community & Tourism Association

Cadell Community & Tourist Association

Sub-Committees: Digital Presence

Phone:   0484 767 236  

Email:  cadellcommunity@gmail.com 

Francy Asher


Frances Asher

Sub-Committees: Budget

Phone:  0412 494 835

Email: fjasher@ozemail.com.au

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